Online Users Shouting gun, on they run through the endless gray

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    (for future plans) by poorly written history on Flickr.

    i hate the fact that three months later im still finding “nicki” hairs on my shit… i wish you never happened :(

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    i really wish i saw through every single lie you told me so i could of broken up with you first.  I wouldnt be heart broken right now and you would know the pain you caused me.  you don’t tell someone how much they mean to you and that they are your best friend if your just gonna fucking lie through your teeth…. i wish you never walked into my life because you really fucking ruined it.. THANKS A LOT!

    not that it matters but happy 29th… i hope i fucking drop dead today

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    Words of Emotion

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    Btw As much as you claimed you love/loved me, you obviously never did.. what we had never meant anything to you if you just shit on me all the time… it’s funny, all I wanted was the best friend who would sing beauty and the beast with me because it was one of my favorite disney movies. We sang like children Who didn’t care… it was those little things as to why I fell in love with you. I thought I found my princess but princesses never act the way you did and hurt the people who care about them like you did. You lied and you were flat out unfaithful..

    when he breaks your heart and leaves and you realize how lucky you actually were before… i wont be around anymore.  you will never see me again and i will just become one of your soooo many best friends you cry about that you probably drove away in the first place.  your a black widow, that is all


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    Words of Emotion


    The American collegiate system in one gif set

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