Online Users Shouting gun, on they run through the endless gray

    I still really want to marry my bestfriend and it literally makes me cry every night that you could care less and all of a sudden in a flash, you don’t even want me in your life… I could I mean so much then nothing all of a sudden… it’s really cold

    Only time she is ever peaceful

    we had something special.. i want that back.. this kid is a replacement and he isnt me.. one day you will miss your best friend.. one day you will think hey why did i do that.. please don’t let that time be too late…please

    Be true to yourself, because there are only a few people that will stay true to you,

    love comes with so much pain.  why must we love someone who doesnt love us back..

    i just want my cute relationship like ross and rachel…. i need to stop watching friends

    They go around chopping down trees for tables, when they have perfectly good tummies to eat on


    This documentary is one of my favorites all around but this moment may be the best part.

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    Just found this is the back of my closet… I forgot I bought it for a Christmas gift for her when they were on sale


    everything personal♡




    Some of the lovely tributes to Robin.

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